A long in depth audio interview with Cadavre Exquis

21 Juil, 2023

The podcast that breaks down an inspiring journey. 

Discover a guest in a different way, through the fragments that make him or her up and have shaped his or her career. That’s the aim of the Cadavre Exquis podcast. Music, entertainment, media, literature, sport… Journalist Jordan Meynard talks to a personality with a singular destiny. He takes a look back at the milestones and milestones that have marked his career: his professional and personal success, his relationship with his family, the moments of doubt he may have encountered, the fear that it might all come to an end, and a lesser-known but equally important life story, told by the guest.

François Sagat is the guest on the latest edition of Cadavre Exquis.
45 minutes interview in French.

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